Three-Way Solenoid Valves

Three-Way Solenoid Valve

A 3-way solenoid valve has three pipe connections and 2 orifices, one of which is always open, allowing for two paths of flow. The 2-position operation makes these solenoid valves useful for applying or cutting off flow or pressure in a tool or equipment component, such as a hydraulic cylinder. There are four common types of 3-way solenoid valves: 3-way normally-closed, 3-way normally open, 3-way directional control, and 3-way multi-purpose.

See how three ways solenoid valves play a key role in hydrogen fuel cells.


Three-way valves provide either directional control or an exhaust feature when controlling the gas or liquid having one inlet and two outlet ports, or an outlet and an exhaust port.

Three-way "directional control" operates with an inlet port with the media flowing through the orifice and exiting the outlet port. When the plunger is energized, it seals one orifice and allows the gas/liquid to exit or escape through the second outlet or exhaust port.

Three way normally closed

Two way directional

Three way normally open

Three way multiple purpuse

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