Proportional Solenoid Valves

Proportional solenoid valves provide variable flow control for a wide range of applications.

The Valves Control Flow based on Applied Voltage 

Solenoid Solutions' Wattmizer Proportional Valves are designed to regulate the flow of air and gas varying the output flow based on the applied current input to the valve. However, these valves do not operate as shut-off valves. The valves are 2 way, normally closed and are available with a 9 watt coil featuring a combination of 12 or 24 VDC voltages with 1/16" or 3/32" orifices. These valves provide an adjustable programmable controller, ideal for mixing gases. Every valve is fine tuned to each application, and they are 100% laboratory tested. These proportional valves are economically priced, and available in a wide range of materials, components and configurations.

See how Proportional Valves are used throughout industry. 


  • For Air or Gas Media
  • Miniature Size
  • Two Orifice Sizes: 1/16" or 3/32"
  • Two Voltages: 12 VDC & 24 VDC
  • Adjustable Program Controller
  • 100% Lab Tested
  • Fast Response
  • Energy Efficient
  • Long Life... In excess of 10 Million Cycles
  • Economically Priced
  • Not Bubble Tight


  • Precise Pressure Control
  • Analytical Instruments
  • Dental Instruments
  • Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Medical Equipment
  • Plasma Cutters
  • Many Other Applications
Valve Type
2-Way Normally Closed (proportional)
Air & Inert Gases
Operating Pressure
See charts
12 or 24 VDC
Orifice Diameters
1/16" or 3/32"
Coil Type
9 Watt- Class 'F' 155°C with 1/4" Spades
Stainless Steel
Port Size
1/8" NPT
Seal Material
Buna N
Temperature Range
Normal 40°F to 70°F (contact factory for settings outside this range)
Maximum Hysteresis*
* Hysteresis - If an alternating magnetic field is applied to the material, its magnetization will trace out a loop called a hysteresis loop. The lack of retraceability of the magnetization curve is the property called hysteresis and it is related to the existence of magnetic domains in the material.

Two-Way Normally Closed

Two way normally valve
Two way normally diagram
Two way normally schematic

Flow Curves

Flow Curve
Flow Curve
Flow Curve
Flow Curve

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