Hi-Flo Valves and Manifolds

For natural and liquid propane gas applications requiring from 10,000 up to 500,000 BTUs, the solenoid valves will need large ports.

New Hi-FloTM Gas Solenoid Valves and Piloted Manifolds

Gas Solenoid Valve - Ground EffectsSolenoid Solutions offers a wide array of solenoid valves and piloted manifold arrangments specifically for natural and liquid propane gas applications requiring from 10,000 up to 500,000 BTUs.

ManifoldThis new series of high-flow, Hi-FloTM, gas solenoid valves feature large ports due to the low-pressure differential required in high BTU applications. Solenoid Solutions’ new Hi-Flo Gas Solenoid Valves are ideal for appliances, outdoor grills and barbecues, decorative fire bowls, propane heaters, fire pits, gas lighting, torches, and more.

The Hi-Flo Series of gas valves include:

  • Hi-Flo - a Super Wattmizer solenoid valve to the 10,000 BTUs
  • Hi-Flo+ - a 7 Series solenoid valve to the 300,000 BTUs
  • Hi-Flo Magnum- a 7 Series solenoid valve to the 500,000 BTUs

Many of our manifold designs include a simple low-power pilot valve and one or more Hi-Flo Valves to deliver the precise gas flow.

If you have a special gas application and need a valve to meet your specifications, contact the sales engineers at Solenoid Solutions today. We offer fast quotes and 5-day prototypes to meet your design requirements.

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