Imagine… a Solenoid Valve Requiring Just .13 Watts to Work!

Solenoid Solutions’ engineering team will help you a design “Bump-and-Hold” circuit that while holding valves open… can reduce power consumption by 75 to 80%. These types of energy saving circuits are designed for applications using battery power supplies where it is imperative to conserve as much energy as possible. 

Let’s use our already energy efficient Super Wattmizer, 2-way, normally closed valve as an example. In a Bump-and-Hold circuit, the valve requires the full .65 Watts to open. However, once the valve is open it can be powered down by 75 to 80% to an amazing .13 watts to remain open. And in the event of battery failure or lost power, the valve will automatically close.

Our experienced engineers can help you to create a power-saving “Bump-and-Hold” circuit with any of our broad range of Solenoid Valves, helping your systems become more energy efficient.