MiniWattmizer Solenoid Valves

New Compact Powerful 6 and 12 Volt Valves

Our latest Mini Wattmizer is similar in performance to our Wattmizer Solenoid Valve series, but with a small compact footprint of .75-inch.

The Mini-Watt is avaiable in 2-way and 3-way operation, 1.5 or 5 watts of continuous power, with operating pressure capacities of up to 1200 psi (85 bar). These valves come standard in stainless steel bodies and stainless steel internal parts, making them compatible with most fluids and inert gases.


Because their energy efficient, low watt coils draw less current, they can operate as 12AC or 12VDC Solenoid valves while providing wide pressure and flow ratings. Plus they deliver long duty, lasting in excess of 10 million cycles. Wattmizer valves are most commonly used in medical devices, beverage systems and gas analysis systems. Among many other applications, they are suitable for use as 12v air or water Solenoid valves.

At Solenoid Solutions, our specialties are quality customization and customer service. We can install an endless array of firings, controls and connections to your valve for true "Plug and Play" compatibility. We can complete your order with any add-on you need, saving you time, money, and potentially costly repairs due to improperly installed fittings.

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