Quality Assurance

Solenoid Solutions is committed to Total Quality, defect prevention, and continuous improvement. Our Quality Assurance Manual outlines the policies and practices we follow to produce products that exceed our customer's expectations. The company's values are an integral part of this quality promise.

Solenoid Solutions, Inc.They include:
•    Act with integrity.
•    Treat employees, customers and vendors fairly.
•    Have a sense of urgency.
•    Produce quality products and work.
•    Be a good corporate citizen.
•    Maintain fiscal stability.

Solenoid Solutions was one of the first manufacturers in our area to achieve ISO qualification. We currently hold ISO 9001:2015 certification and have been ISO certified since 1991. Other certifications and approvals include:


Solenoid Solutions, Inc.Solenoid Valve WeldingEvery employee shares in the pursuit of quality. Leading the Total Quality effort here is our Quality Assurance Manager, who has the responsibility and authority for ensuring that the requirements of Quality System Standard ISO 9001: 2015 and other such standards imposed by contract are implemented and maintained within all levels of the Company.

Our Total Quality efforts apply to everything that influences our customers’ perception of Solenoid Solutions. It includes the professionalism of our sales approach, the suitability of our product for his application, delivery times, price, packaging, product performance, product appearance, on-time shipments, invoicing, payment terms, the courtesy and professionalism of customer service contacts, and problem resolution.