Benefits of Solenoid Valve Manifolds

Solenoid valves are used for a variety of applications to control the flow liquids and gasses in a huge variety of applications including all types of transportation products, medical products, beverage dispensing equipment and HVAC products. Solenoid valves safely and effectively control the follow of liquids and gasses, therefore allowing products to operate at the optimal capacity. Although a single solenoid valve can be used for certain applications, at times, more than one valve needs to be used to properly control the flow of the desired liquid or gas. This is when solenoid valve manifolds become beneficial.

What Is a Solenoid Valve Manifold?

A solenoid valve manifold is similar to a solenoid valve in that it controls the flow of liquids or gasses. This product differs in that the manifold connects multiple solenoid valves together in a valve bank. Each of the solenoid valves contains the necessary coil windings, spring and plunger that stops and directs the flow of media through the manifold.

Why Use a Solenoid Valve Manifold?

Since a solenoid valve manifold uses multiple solenoid valves in one valve bank, the manifold can direct the flow of flow of liquid or gas in multiple directions and destinations.. Solenoid valves generally are less expensive than individual solenoid valves and reduce the potential for leaks in the system..

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How Solenoid Valve Manifolds Work

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