Variable Flow Solenoid Valves

Proportional solenoid valves provide the precise flow based on energy applied to the valve

Variable flow proportional solenoid valves, also known as proportional control valves, are designed to provide precise control over fluid flow rates in proportion to an input signal. Below are a few applications for variable flow proportional solenoid valves.

Hydraulic Systems
Proportional solenoid valves are widely used in hydraulic systems to control the flow of hydraulic fluids. They enable precise control of actuator movements, such as the speed and positioning of hydraulic cylinders, in applications like industrial machinery, construction equipment, or material handling systems.

Pneumatic Systems
Applications in pneumatic systems need to control the flow of compressed air or gases. They provide accurate modulation of air pressure and flow rates, enabling precise control of pneumatic actuators, robotic arms, or other pneumatic devices in industrial automation or assembly lines.

Variable flow valvesFuel Injection Systems
Variable flow proportional solenoid valves are used in fuel injection systems, particularly in automotive engines. They control the flow of fuel to the injectors, allowing precise control over the fuel delivery rate based on engine requirements. This helps optimize fuel efficiency, emissions, and engine performance.

HVAC Systems
Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems regulate the flow of refrigerants or fluids, allowing precise control of temperature, pressure, and air distribution in HVAC applications like chilled water systems, cooling towers, or air handling units.

Fluid Mixing and Dispensing
Fluid mixing and dispensing systems, such as in laboratory equipment or chemical processing, provide precise control over the flow rates of different fluids, enabling accurate mixing ratios or controlled dispensing of chemicals, dyes, or other liquids.

Process Control Systems
Process control systems need to regulate fluid flow rates in industrial settings. They provide precise control over liquid or gas flow, enabling accurate dosing, blending, or control of process parameters in industries like chemical, pharmaceutical, or water treatment.

These applications highlight the versatility of variable flow proportional solenoid valves in achieving precise and proportional control over fluid flow rates. Their ability to modulate flow based on input signals allows for accurate and efficient control in a wide range of industries and applications.

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