Valve Supplier Not Responsive to Quality and Delivery Issues

Market:        Medical Device
Product:       Portable EMS Ventilators
Media:          Air
Valve:           Mini-Wattmizer 2-Way, Normally Open Solenoid Valve
Quantity:     3,750 per year

An OEM Medical device manufacturer was having quality and delivery issues with a custom designed solenoid valve manifold for their Portable EMS Ventilators.  The valves presented a number of performance issues in the ventilator unit including sticking plungers, leaks, noise and inconsistent assemblies of the manifolds. After having to rejected a high percentage of the valve assemblies from each shipment and face long delays if they didn’t repair the manifolds themselves, the manufacturer deicide to secure an alternate supplier.

Solenoid Solutions’ Solution:        
The OEM decided to seek alternative sources for their valves and manifold assemblies. They reached out to four (4) different valve manufactures through distributors and got no response. These large producers were not interested in having to engineer a custom valve assembly. The purchasing professional did a complete internet search for “Solenoid Valve Manufacturers” and found Solenoid Solutions, Inc. They read that Solutions Solutions’ business was manufacturing custom valves built-to-spec and they offered free engineering services. Noting they had difficulty getting a response from their current supplier's support team they submitted a Request for Quote online.

Solenoid Solutions received the RFQ, reviewed the performance requirements, researched the OEM’s product and quickly phoned the customer to fill in the details. The Solenoid Solutions' sales team felt comfortable with the performance requirements, and asked about the quality issues they had encountered and any other constraints such as space, power draw, etc. Within 10 days of submitting the quote, Solenoid Solutions’ engineers had created drawings for approval. Prototypes were built and submitted for testing. Once approved, the finished valve manifold included additional fittings to reduce the customer’s assembly time. The customer received their first shipment of 400 valve assembles within 60 days of issuing the RFQ.

Follow Up:
The customer has given Solenoid Solutions high scores in customer service, quality and delivery for the last 18 months. They have engaged Solenoid Solutions to quote on existing valves in other equipment and have new valve projects underway.