Custom Valves for OEMs
June 2017

Thomas Martin
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Valve Manifold Reduces Size, Weight and Improves Function

Taking a complex liquid dispensing prototype system to a production model requires expertise. That was the case when an OEM customer approached Solenoid Solutions to engineer and manufacture a more efficient design of an “Airless” nozzle control configuration that sprays a quick-drying, water-based liquid friction material for a rail industry application.

This sensor activated equipment (shown above) allows the system to apply friction material to a rail when conditions warrant it. The quick-drying solution had been field-proven to be extremely effective and planned to go into production.

The prototype system was housed in two 18 x 22 x 6 inch cabinets. The circulation cabinet functioned well, however the dispensing cabinet required extensive modifications. The Solenoid Solutions’ engineering team designed a space-saving three (3) manifold system solution employing seven (7) 2-way solenoid valves as well as including 2 pressure regulators, 2 check valves, a thermostat and heater on board. The nozzle supply manifold incorporated three (3) solenoid valves, an intermediate manifold two (2) valves and the nozzle manifold four (4) valves. This elegant solution (shown above) eliminated cumbersome hoses, regulators, sensors and other controls. In addition, cartridge style heaters and surface mounted thermostats were incorporated into the manifolds replacing existing electrical cabinet heaters.

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