Low Powered Solenoid Valves

With the explosion of battery and solar powered systems, the need for energy efficient solenoid valves is greater than ever.

Solutions for Solar and Battery-Powered Low Power Draw Applications

The demand for low-power draw or reduced power consumption electrical components has exploded. With the growing demand for battery-powered personal devices and solar-powered systems, electrical solenoid valves need to reliably operate in these environments. 

Solutions range from designing a valve that only requires a burst of energy to either open or close the valve rather than needing energy to hold the valve open, to a valve design that substantially reduces the power draw once the valve is actuated. A Solenoid Solutions made-to-order custom valve is often needed to meet customer-specific application, environmental, and available power requirements.  

Latching Solenoid Valves
Latching solenoid valves offer tremendous energy savings potential by operating at much lower power than standard solenoid valves.

When energized, the coil generates a magnetic field that causes the plunger to be attracted to a stop. The stop is magnetically affixed to the top of the plunger guide. In order to remain "open", the coil must receive constant electrical power to maintain the magnetic field holding the plunger in the open position. Standard solenoid valves require full electrical power to keep the valve in an open state. 

In Latching Valves once the valve is open, the voltage required to hold the plunger could actually be reduced by approximately 80%. Learn more about latching valve operations.

Bump and Hold Circuits
A bump-and-hold circuit is a control mechanism used in solenoid valves to reduce energy consumption and heat generation while maintaining the desired valve position. The purpose of this circuit is to minimize the power required to initially actuate the solenoid valve (the "bump") and then maintain the valve in its open or closed position with reduced power consumption (the "hold").

Solar Powered Solenoid Valve Examples
Solar-powered or low-power draw solenoid valves are often used in applications where energy efficiency or remote operation is required. Here are a few applications.

Irrigation systems
Solar-powered solenoid valves are commonly used in agricultural irrigation systems, where they control the flow of water to various irrigation zones. The low power draw enables efficient use of solar energy for remote irrigation control.

Remote monitoring and telemetry systems
Remote monitoring and telemetry systems, such as environmental monitoring stations or weather sensors need low-draw solenoid valves for efficient control of fluid flow in remote locations where the power supply is limited.

Off-grid water supply
Solar-powered solenoid valves are used in off-grid water supply systems, including wells, boreholes, or remote water distribution networks. They control the flow of water for various purposes, such as livestock watering or community water access.

Sustainable Wastewater Treatment
Sustainable wastewater treatment systems, such as decentralized or off-grid treatment facilities enable efficient control of fluid flow for processes like nutrient dosing or aeration.

Remote Oil and Gas Operations
Low-power draw applications in remote oil and gas fields, such as wellheads or remote monitoring stations are common. They control the flow of fluids or gases for various processes, including well control or sampling.

Renewable energy systems
Renewable energy systems, like solar thermal or geothermal power plants, need low-power solenoid valves to control the flow of heat transfer fluids or working fluids for efficient energy conversion.

Hydroponics solenoid valavesGreenhouses and Hydroponics
Low-power solenoid valves are regularly used in greenhouse and hydroponic systems, controlling the flow of water, nutrients, or gases to optimize plant growth. Solar-powered options enable energy-efficient operation in remote or off-grid setups.

Environmental Conservation Projects
Solar-powered or low-power draw solenoid valves are utilized in various environmental conservation projects, such as wildlife water stations or habitat restoration projects. They control the flow of water for critical ecosystem support while minimizing energy consumption.

Solar-powered or low-power draw solenoid valves contribute to energy efficiency, remote operation, and sustainability in different fields. They offer the advantage of reduced power consumption and can be integrated into renewable energy systems or off-grid installations.

Valves needed for Battery Powered Low Draw Applications
Battery-powered solenoid valves applications where a portable or standalone power source have exploded.  Here are just a few examples where battery-powered solenoid valves have boomed.

Portal Medical device Portable Medical Devices
Battery-powered solenoid valves are used in all kinds of portable medical devices, such as portable oxygen concentrators or portable anesthesia machines. They control the flow of gases or fluids in these devices, providing essential medical treatments in mobile or emergency situations.

Portable Gas or Fluid Dispensing
Portable gas or fluid dispensing systems, such as portable beverage dispensers or fuel transfer pumps, use low-power draw valves to control the flow and dispensing of gases or fluids without relying on a fixed power source.

Automatic Irrigation Systems
Battery-powered, and in some cases solar powered, solenoid valves operate in remote or portable irrigation systems, such as garden irrigation or agricultural sprinkler systems. They control the flow of water to different zones or sections, allowing for efficient irrigation without the need for a continuous power supply.

Remote Watering Systems
Similar to irrigation, remote watering systems for plants or crops in areas where access to a power source is limited require battery-powered solenoid valves. These valves enable controlled water flow and irrigation at specific intervals or according to programmed schedules.

Remote Fueling Systems
Remote refueling stations for vehicles or equipment in remote locations must operate without a constant electrical connection.

Mobile Water Treatment Systems
Mobile anything use battery-powered components.  Solenoid valves are in mobile water treatment systems for emergency response units or portable water purification units. They control the flow of water and facilitate treatment processes, ensuring a safe and clean water supply in remote or disaster-stricken areas.

These applications demonstrate the versatility and convenience of battery-powered solenoid valves in various portable or remote scenarios. They offer the advantage of flexibility, enabling reliable control of fluid flow without the need for a continuous external power source.

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