High Flow Gas Solenoid Valves

for high BTU Applications

High-Flow Gas Solenoid Valve and Manifolds
for high (500,000+) BTU Products

High BTU Gas Solenoid Valve Manifolds


Gas Fire Products


Fire Bowls - Patio, outdoor space for decoration and heat


Gas - Natural gas and liquid propane gas appliances

Solenoid Valve

High-Flow Gas Solenoid Valves and Manifold, CSA Approved


The current valves created an "AC Buzz" issue that the valve manufacturer could not resolve. It appeared the valves were poorly machined and/or were misspecified for the application.


A precision shading ring with a high-quality plunger/stop and proper seating eliminated the AC Buzz problem.


Higher quality, lower price, and improved overall compact design.

Hi-Flo valve reduces pressure drop, 35% improvement with a Pop-on-seal allows closing a larger orifice (.359)
Hi-Flo+ larger orifice of .75 vs Hi-Flo's .359 orifice
Hi-Flo+ uses a steel back plate on rubber seal, unique self-supporting rubber seal (ask for drawing)

Solenoid Solutions then designed a new manifold system with two valves. One acts as a pilot valve to ignite the larger high-flow burner valve(s).
The original burner valve was very expensive.

Solenoid Solutions package offered improved performance with significant savings!

     60% less for the 200,000 BTU valves
     30% less for 400,000 BTU valves
     10% less for the 600,000 BTU valves

 The redesigned manifold includes both Pilot & High Flow valves
 This design was more compact than the previous package

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