Custom Valves for OEMs

July 2017
Custom Solenoid Valves Improve Medical Device Performance

Made-to-Order Solenoid Valves Improve the Performance and Design of your Medical Devices

Why sacrifice performance by using an off-the-shelf valve? We CUSTOMIZE all of our solenoid valves to your exact specifications. Our valves are used in all kinds of medical and home healthcare devices like CPAP machines, beds,compression systems, cryogenics, oxygen delivery systems and much more.

Rapid Prototyping
Solenoid Solutions offers 5-Day rapid prototyping, fast quotes, engineering services, and stringent quality control testing to ensure your medical device delivers the performance you expect.

Manifold Systems
Improve your overall design with a custom manifold for multi-valve systems with an endless list of configurations, porting and functions.

Plug-and-Play Assemblies
Outsourcing subassembly operations improves your productivity and allows us to deliver a plug-and-play solution with even greater performance. These include regulators, fittings, controls, leads, coatings, pressure switches,mounting options and much more.

Solenoid Solutions is more than valves, we’re solutions. Contact Solenoid Solutions on your next project, or to request a quote: Call 888.825.8405 or visit


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