Solenoid Solutions works exclusively with OEMs to provide  high-quality solenoid valves and multi valve manifolds in large volume. We offer a range of purchasing and inventory programs like just-in-time-delivery, inventory consignment, kan-ban, lean manufacturing practices and more to drive cost out of the process and become a truly valued partner.

How We Work...

OEM Direct Relationship
No need to deal with distributors, middlemen, product managers, and on and on. Work directly with our sales team and engineers to ensure the best performance and price combination.

Complementary Design/Engineering Services
That’s right. You provide the requirements, and we’ll design and engineer a specialty solenoid valve or manifold system to optimize space and efficiency… at no cost to you!

Lower Overall Cost, Really!
Typically, we can lower your overall cost of valves, fittings and assemblies. And, no dealing with distributor markups and high-overhead conglomerates.

More Efficient Valve System Design
Building high performance solenoid valves to specs yields a more efficient system often reducing energy consumption and space requirements.

  • Fast quotes
  • Competitive prices
  • Responsive engineering and sales support
  • On-time delivery
  • We stand behind our product

A Little History...

Formed in 2006, Solenoid Solutions, Inc. has been built on a foundation of more than 45 years of experience and history in designing and manufacturing solenoid valves. Since its establishment, the new ownership group has invested heavily in a new plant, new precision machining equipment, new automated assembly centers, sophisticated quality assurance programs and advanced testing systems.

Quality Counts...

  • ISO9001: 2015 Certified
  • Agency approvals: UL, CSA, ROHS, FDA and CUL recognition
  • Automated testing
  • Process Control
  • 100% testing and product guarantees
  • Made In USA

Why Do Business With Us...

  • We design and build superior quality solenoid valves for OE pneumatic and hydraulic component assemblies.
  • Our Sales Team provides accurate and timely responses to your questions.
  • Our manufacturing and assembly facilities produce solenoid valves and manifolds to exact specifications.
  • We will partner with you to provide inventory solutions and terms and conditions that meet your needs.

Our capabilities go far beyond the standard catalog offering. We manufacture top quality products and we offer many value added benefits that improve efficiencies, reduce labor and save you time and money.