Solenoid Solution’s core business is designing and manufacturing custom valve solutions to better meet the needs of our OEM customers. The vast majority of the finished product we supply to customers will have additional fixtures, plumbing, special connectors or be mounted on a manifold ready for installation. 
This type of custom business with OEMs often involves Performance Reviews. Solenoid Solutions prides itself on our ability to excel in delivering defect-free product, on-time and at a very competitive price.  Below are just a couple of on-going performance reviews we typically receive. 


99.98% of the Supplied Product met the Specification/Requirement

Medical Device OEM Customer - suppling a custom designed 3-way, 9-watt, manifold mount Oxygen Delivery System

In their recent 25-point vendor performance survey, Solenoid Solutions’ grades out extremely well. In meeting the wide matrix of available measurement standards for each Quality, Delivery and Price regarding three product lines: Valves/Manifolds, Solenoid Valves, and Valves.... Solenoid Solutions scored 24 on Quality, 24 on Delivery and 24 on Price.

One comment was particularly impressive: “99.98% of the supplied product met the specification/requirement.”

Staff Earns High Marks

Automotive OEM Customer - suppling a custom designed 3-way, multi-port manifold mount fluid handling system

The entire Solenoid Solutions staff earns high approval ratings from several major customers. Comments range from helpful technical support, to on-time delivery, friendly and helpful staff, “very” knowledgable sales team and others.

Customers Strongly Agree

Industrial Equipment OE Customer - suppling low energy consumption, 2-way solenoid valves with special leads and porting

We regularly solicit feedback from customer to ensure their satisfaction with our valves as well as the value they receive from their partnership with Solenoid Solutions as a supplier.

When customers were asked to respond to 10 questions regarding various subjects such as quality of product, providing adequate lead time, friendly and helpful, product knowledge and more, the overwhelming response was, customers “Strongly Agree” that Solenoid Solutions meets or exceeds their needs as a supplier of solenoid valve products.

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Solenoid Solutions works exclusively with OEMs to provide high-quality solenoid valves and multi valve manifolds in large volume.

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