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Solenoid Valve Design Considerations

Valve Functions

Do you need a 2-Way on/off or a multi-port 3-way valve?

Valve Operation

Is it normally closed or normally open? Will the valve operate on short or long cycle times?

Available Voltage

At what voltage will the valve operate?
Common voltages are 120 VAC, 24 VAC, 240 VAC, 6VDC, 12 VDC and 24 VDC, although other voltages can be accommodated.

Does the valve need to operate at a specific wattage? Does it run on battery power? Is energy conservation important?
Conserving energy can be accomplished through a variety of methods including coil selection, bump and hold circuitry and latching options.

Media Type

The type of gas or liquid moving through the valve determines the type of seal material that must be used. The specific gravity and viscosity of the media impacts the rate flow.


What is the maximum pressure at which the valve will operate? What is the range of pressure the valve will see on all ports during operation?

Flow Rate

What is the approximate desired flow rate of the media?
Specific flow rates are determined based on the applied pressure, orifice size, specific gravity, viscosity and temperature of the media that is flowing through the valve.

Orifice Size

The valve’s internal orifice size and pressure are the primary determinants of the flow rate; the larger the orifice, the greater the flow at a given pressure.

Coil Type

The larger the orifice and the higher the pressure, the more power required for the valve to open against that pressure. The higher the power requirement, the higher the wattage of the required coil. Solenoid Solutions offers a broad range of standard coils in molded and tape-wrapped designs, with or without metal housings and mounting brackets. Coils are available with wire lead, spade, DIN and conduit electrical connections in various wattages and temperature ratings.

Port Size

The ports in the valve body refer to the points where plumbing connections are made to the valve, while the size refers to the type and size of these connections. Generally, larger port sizes will be found in larger valves that operate at higher wattages, which are more expensive than smaller valves. Port size does not determine flow; the orifice size and pressure do.

Electrical Connections

What type of electrical connection is required?

  • Spades
  • Wire leads
  • DIN
  • Conduit
Operating Environments

Will the valve operate in a high temperature, corrosive or high-vibration environment with limited energy or space available? Will it require specific agency approvals?
Environmental issues directly affect the selection of valve components.

Other Considerations

Multiple Valves

Does your system require more than one valve? Are there multiple controls, fittings or sensors associated with the valve(s)?
A manifold system may be the most cost and space efficient solution to your system’s requirements.

Valve Assembly

Based on the requirements of your system and the structure of your business, would it be beneficial for Solenoid Solutions to perform some subassembly operations?
Solenoid Solutions can manufacture your valves to ship with all components torqued properly and clocked to precise angles to fit your space with electrical leads ready for finished assembly. With preassembled components, your business will find multiple cost and efficiency benefits.

Supply Options

Do you need your valves delivered every two weeks, all at once? Need them right before assembly?
Solenoid Solutions offers an almost unlimited number of supply options to meet your business needs such as blanket orders, safety stock, consignment and Kan Ban. Whatever you need!

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